Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Blizzard vs. The Earl

What incredible timing.  To have one of the worst blizzards hit Chicago just when The Earl is ready to open.  While most of us decided to stay warm and cozy in our homes Tuesday night, The Inconvenience went ahead with their scheduled performance of The Earl at A Red Orchid Theatre.  Last night's performance went on as well, and everyone in the nearly-full audience was invited to the reception afterwards.  The entire cast from Red Orchid's 2006 production of The Earl was in attendance, as was Brett Neveu, the playwright, and Red Orchid ensemble members Kirstend Fitzgerald and Guy Van Swearingen.

Anyone who saw The Earl at A Red Orchid in 2005 should be ready to see some major changes this time around.  Director Duncan Riddell (also Literary Manager at A Red Orchid) offers plenty of blood in his version, as well as some hard hits and hearty laughs.  Danny Goldring returns as the title character, but the rest of the cast is brand new. Christopher Chmelik, Walter Briggs, and Ryan Bourque (all members of The Inconvenience) are the three brothers who delight in beating each other to bloody pulps while telling jokes and discussing their mother's well-being.  All the performances were great, and this is a show that no one should miss.

Congratulations to The Inconvenience on their first full theatrical production, and we're glad that A Red Orchid Theatre could be a part of it.  Tickets are available through The Inconvenience, either by calling their box office or through their website

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