Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeff Recommended!

With the press opening behind us, we are starting to see some reviews coming in for The New Electric Ballroom.  The few that have come out are good.  But the great news is that the show has been Jeff Recommended, which could mean nominations at the end of the season.

And having seen the show, I can see why it caught the attention of the Jeff Committee.  Kirsten Fitzgerald and Guy Van Swearingen, both give outstanding performances.  After the family and friends premier, there were several comparisons made between the performances they give in Ballroom and the performances they gave several years ago when they performed together in The Seahorse.  Kate Buddeke, who is returning to Red Orchid, and Laurie Larson, who is here for the first time, also offer fantastic performances.  When you see them on stage together, you know you are watching four professionals at their best.

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