Friday, November 20, 2009

An Intern's Backstory: Josh Sobel

(Note: The author has taken liberties with embellishment; points may be exaggerated for - most likely unsuccessful - comedic effect)

Josh grew up in a quaint and lethargic little area of Rochester, New York. After discovering the magic and wonder of THE THEATRE and a failed career in professional wrestling, he grew tired of the lack of anything to do and the smell of Kodak coming off of Lake Ontario, and decided to follow his artsy disposition to a small hippie college in rural Ohio known to those who fear it simply as... Oberlin. (FUN FACT: Neo-Futurist Founder Greg Allen is an Oberlin alum.)

Oberlin nurtured his spirit, what with its flower-child airs, near-riot of joy when Obama won, hipster tendencies, and crazy people playing with fireballs on the quad. He will never forget his professor, the respected theatre historian and writer Roger Copeland, once relating Euripides' The Bacchae to Samuel L. Jackson's famous quote from "Snakes On A Plane" (CENSORED FOR PUBLICATION). But alas, all good things must come to an end, and he was booted out of Oberlin after four years with a piece of paper with a stamp on it and a heart full of dreams.

It was at this point that he was visited in a dream by none other than Surfjan Stevens. Think the David Bowie episode of "Flight of the Conchords", except more Biblical. He knew immediately what he must do: drive to Chicago (all things know, all things know) and pursue his career in THE THEATRE.
He ended up flying, since having a car in Chicago at this point in his life just seemed silly.
Over the summer, he had heard about the infamous A RED ORCHID THEATRE, known for its intimate venue, jarring productions, and Oscar-nominated co-founder. This seemed like the ideal place to enter the world of Chicago THE THEATRE. He applied to be an intern, and was lucky enough to be accepted for the Fall term. His duties have been a joy, an ever-evolving journey of intrigue and negotiation in the treacherous arena of mid-size theatre growth.
He also helped Brando paint the bathrooms.

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  1. Josh,your spirit and drive comes from your DNA believe or not. You come from a very extraordinary family background who took something out of nothing and made it great and you have continued to carry on that tradition. Good luck to you.I speak because I had the privilege to know a little about your family (grand parents..Edith and Jack Sobel..I was your grand father's nurse. I also had the privilege to be your babysitter when your parents were visiting in Florida. I wish you great success with whatever project you are working on. Your grand parents were amazing human beings.