Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Backstage with the Children

Hi.  My name is Rachael and I work as one of the children's company managers.  We are now in crunch time and there is an excited buzz in the air.  Tonight is our second night of rehearsal with costumes, the set is almost done, the sound and lights are all there and there is much anticipation over getting an audience to share this show with.  The children have worked hard with director Steve, Music Director Brandon, and Choreographer Ann with help from AD Jack, company manager Amanda, and myself to make this show bigger and better than last years success.  The kids and everyone cannot wait to show you the new and improved production of the Scientology Pageant at A Red Orchid Theatre.  Artistic director Kirsten along with the Red Orchid ensemble have been a great support throughout the whole process.
Get ready to roll with laughter in your seats!
Until later,

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